Heli-Scenic Tour: Western Bhutan

SnowMan Trek

  • 3 hours helicopter ride
Points of Interest:
  • Paro Valley & the Airport
  • Laya and Lingzhi
  • Mt. Jumolhari & Mt. Jichu Drake
  • Mt. Tsherimgang, Mt. Masagang, & Mt. Tiger Mountain
  • Lingzhi Yugyal Dzong
  • Gasa Tongmon Dzong
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Lunana
  • Table Mountain & Mt. Gangkar Punsum
  • Bumthang valley

Zoom-in your lenses as we sojourn into the Northern Shangrila of Bhutan, while making sure you savour every luscious scene along the world famous Snowman Trek. As we streak over the northerly heavens and finally bid farewell in Bumthang, you’ll have traversed a journey of 26 days on a flight of mere 3 hours, and witnessed the true beatific nature of the himalayas unfolding before your very eyes.

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